Homemade Cure for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is known as one of the skin disease that doesn’t have the real cure. But, you don’t need to worry, if the doctor found that you have this disease. There is some of Psoriasis Treatment that you can use to deal with its painful symptoms. But, here are some of homemade treatments that you can use to treat Psoriasis.

First Psoriasis Cure method you can use is lime juice and water. Mix the lime juice and water. Use the mixture to your skin problem that is caused by Psoriasis. The good thing about this method is you also can use it to treat acne. If you have Vitamin E oil, that’s also good remedy for your Psoriasis. Just apply it on the area where you can find the inflammation because of the Psoriasis. This will relief your skin and reduces the pain. Vitamin E is also good nutrition for your skin. So, if you use it regularly on your skin, your skin also becomes healthier and more beautiful. Oatmeal bath is also one of many easy methods you can use to treat Psoriasis disease. Just use some of Oatmeal product in your bathtub and use it to bath. This will reduce the itchy on your skin as well as the pain that usually comes with the symptoms of Psoriasis.

There is one more classic Cure for Psoriasis that you can use. You can use birch tree bark. Just boil it in the water. Apply this water on your skin that has Psoriasis inflammation. Of course, you need to wait it until the water is warm enough, so, you can apply it on your skin without hurting it because it is hot. Those methods are easy to do and the ingredient to make the remedy for treating your Psoriasis is also easy to find. Therefore, they can become great alternative treatment, beside the treatment that you can get from the doctor.


The Psoriasis Treatment that You Can Get from Your Kitchen

When we talk about Psoriasis, we would find that this is one of toughest disease to deal with. It’s not only the cure hasn’t been found yet, but, the symptoms and effect that it caused can give you nightmare in your life. But, there are some of Psoriasis Treatment methods that we can easily find at our kitchen that can ease the symptoms.

The first ingredient would be Aloe Vera. This plant is known as the best cure for many kinds of skin disease. For Psoriasis Cure, you can use the Aloe Vera as skin gel. Just make juice with this plant and apply it on the skin where there is inflammation because of the Psoriasis. After few minute, your skin will feel relax and you won’t feel pain because of inflammation. It also has anti aging property that can make your skin looks healthier and younger.
Psoriasis Cure
The other ingredient you can use is buttermilk. Use it for compress your skin where the Psoriasis shows its symptoms. Use clean cloth and soak it with buttermilk. Put the buttermilk soaked cloth onto your skin where the inflammation occurs because of Psoriasis. Let it there for about 20 minutes. It can help to ease the inflammation. If you like drinking Chamomile tea, you also can use it for treating your Psoriasis. Just get one and half cup of this tea and mix it with three tablespoon Avocado oil. Mix it well and apply the mixture on the skin area where the Psoriasis symptoms is.

Those three treatments that mentioned above isn’t the only Cure for Psoriasis that you can use. There are many more that you can use to treat the symptoms of Psoriasis. But, the most important thing here is you can find all ingredients that you need to treat Psoriasis easily. So, don’t give up.


3 Easy Psoriasis Treatment Methods You Can Use

Psoriasis is one of skin disease that most of people can have. The bad thing about this disease is there is exact treatment or medicine that can really cure this disease. However, we can ease its symptoms with some of Psoriasis Treatment; so, it won’t give you any problem for your everyday life.

Actually, there are 3 treatments that you can use as Psoriasis Cure. First is the Omega 3 treatment. Yes, you need to get this substance to reduce the reactivity of your immune system that think that your skin is the bacteria or dangerous substance that need to be eliminated. Omega 3 also can reduce the inflammation, so, you won’t feel too much pain because of your Psoriasis problem. For better effect, you need to get Omega 3 from freshest source, in this case fish. Salmon is good source. The other treatment is natural sunlight. Sunlight is good for our skin, because, it can stimulate the production of Vitamin D from our body. The Vitamin D can lessen the symptoms of Psoriasis. Try to get at least 10 to 15 minutes sunlight every day, every morning. The morning sunlight is the best choice. The last treatment that you can use for Psoriasis is liquid. Drink a lot of water, because it can help your body to moisture your skin, which means the cycle of skin cell replacement, is also slowing down. It’s also good idea, if you drink tea that has detoxification properties. Usually, tea that has this property also has lot of antioxidant in it and it also can reduce the inflammation effect.

With the 3 Cure for Psoriasis that mentioned above, at least you can make this disease doesn’t give you any problem that can disturb your every day activity. That means, you can still live and work like you normally do.